The reborn DTC hails to the world 13 years after the Sichuan Great Earthquake
    13 years have passed since the May 12th 2008 Sichuan Great Earthquake.
    During the past 13 years, a brand-new Dongfang Turbine Company (short for “DTC” in context) has been rising from the ground and established a modernized heavy equipment manufacturing base. During the past 13 years, DTC people have overcome difficulties and compose a new movement of the DTC’s Spirit. During the past 13 years, carrying the expectations of all walks of life, DTC has been forging ahead and depicting a magnificent era from “survival” to “development” and then to “new brilliance”.

    After the “5.12” earthquake, especially in recent five years, DTC has been speeding up independent innovation, actively implementing DEC’s and its own developing strategies, committing to optimizing coal-fired power, strengthening nuclear power, elaborating gas power, speedily pushing both growing industrial turbine and power plant service to become new economic growth points, promoting the development of new energy, new materials industry, and actively seeking new market opportunities. The pace of transformation and upgrading significantly accelerates, to a high-quality development stride forward.

    The DTC’s Spirit condenses the strength to forge ahead
    In 2008, the “5.12” earthquake caused DTC’s 308 employees and family members to die, more than 1,400 people to be injured and nearly 10 billion RMB of assets to be destroyed. But the disaster didn’t collapse DTC people, they created the miracle of “production recovered to more than 50% in one month, to 80% in half a year after the earthquake”. From 2008 to 2010, DTC rebuilt and developed while overcoming the global financial crisis, and its economic index hit a record high level. At the same time, it only took one year and nine months to realize the solemn promise of “returning a brand-new DTC to society in two years”, which has become a landmark project of the “three-year task to be completed in two years” in post-disaster reconstruction nation widely.

    Since the 18th National Congress of CCP, especially during the 13th five-year plan period, the DTC people insist on going ahead with bravely facing the difficulty, searching for innovation and change, comprehensively strengthening the leadership by the party as well as the party’s construction. Production and operation situation fundamentally improved, overall labor productivity increased by 14%, the main economic index is on the rise. Since year 2018, the business order, revenue, profit and other major economic indicators are ranked first in the domestic steam turbine industry. It has truly realized the important transformation from “seeking survival” to “seeking development”, and has interpreted the rich connotation of the “DTC’s Spirit” in the new era with its struggle.

    Large capacity, high parameter thermal power leading the high-end market
    With the development goal of “safe, green and efficient”, all kinds of energy resources continue to strengthen the complementarity and coordination. Facing the new situation of the development of the power market, DTC deeply understands the new demand in the field of coal power, and actively carries out research on flexible operation and deep load changing of thermal power units, strengthens research on intelligent turbine system solutions and key technologies, and empower traditional industries with information technology to boost the intelligent development of thermal power industry.

    Based on some key projects as in Zhejiang Liuheng, Henan Jiaozuo, Chongqing Wanzhou and Jiangxi Anyuan, DTC's large-capacity and high-parameter thermal power units have been proven successfully in both economic and reliability. DTC has developed high-power and high-parameter coal-fired units with the highest cycle efficiency in the world, realizing leaping development from “following” to “leading” in the field. DTC has completed the development of the third generation of high-efficiency 1000MW ultra-supercritical steam turbine series, and completed the development of the third generation of 660MW ultra-supercritical units as well. DTC continuously pushes forward the integration of new technology into new units; Continues to carry out the application research of the third generation of independent flow technology; Completed the construction of impulsive technology system, independent impulsive technology reached the advanced level of the industry, and the unit economy has been continuously improved. With the fourth generation of through-flow retrofit technology, the key performance index of the 1000MW through-flow retrofit project has reached the international leading level. Meanwhile, the 82 units put into operation in the past three years have totally reached guaranteed economic standard, which has re-established the brand image of DTC.
    Promoting China's nuclear power “going global”
    After more than 20 years of nuclear power development, DTC nuclear power has experienced the development process from scratch, from small to large, from technology import to independent innovation. By continuously increasing the investment in nuclear power turbine development, DTC has mastered two product series, with the power ranging from 25MW to 1900MW full speed/half speed nuclear power turbine product line, covering all types of nuclear power reactor from the second generation to the fourth generation. DTC has successfully manufactured the world's largest nuclear power turbine with a single unit power of 1750MW, and has made a major breakthrough in the independent innovation of China's third-generation nuclear power technology CAP1400 and “Hualong 1”, becoming the only manufacturer with the largest number of million-grade nuclear power units in commercial operation in China. Through many years of technological accumulation, DTC has maintained its leading position in nuclear power by technology leading, accelerated the construction of nuclear power system, and actively promoted the “going global” of nuclear power.

    In order to serve the national strategy and actively practice the mission and responsibility of a central-government-owned enterprise, DTC has made a series of experiments and verification and fruitful achievements since 2008, relying on the research of national major science and technology special projects. In November 2012, DTC completed the development of the independent nuclear power turbine for the national major science and technology project. In January 2013, DTC obtained the order for Fuqing No.5 and No.6 turbine units of “Hualong 1”, the world’s first reactor of the third-generation nuclear power demonstration project with completely independent intellectual property rights. For nearly 12 years, DTC has overcome many technical difficulties and completed all the work as scheduled, which has made a solid step towards consolidating its leading position in the field of nuclear power turbine design and manufacturing in China.
    Picked the “crown pearl” of manufacturing industry - gas turbine
    In order to completely master gas turbine technology, with independent intellectual property rights of the products, to serve national power equipment industry, and to meet the needs of national strategy and user needs, DTC began self-developed 50MW heavy gas turbine project since year 2009, as a key project of science and technology innovation in this field.

    On November 27, 2020, witnessed by the government leadership, domestic well-known academicians, experts and customer representatives, the first domestic 50MW heavy-duty gas turbine prototype independently developed by DTC passed the full load test smoothly. It’s preliminarily verified that the 50MW gas turbine performance meets the design goals, also fully verified the DTC’s research and design system level, marked that the DTC’s gas turbine broke through a series of key core technology, initially mastered heavy-duty gas turbine manufacturing technology especially the high temperature parts; DTC has mastered the whole process of independent development of heavy-duty gas turbine, fills the technical gap in China, which becomes another “The Pillars of a Great Power”, and promotes China’s independent gas turbine industry to achieve leap-forward.

    To be a leader in industrial steam turbine field
    In recent years, DTC has been closely following the national policies, aiming at the forefront of the industry, deeply promoting the industry structure adjustment, striving to expand the emerging industry, adhering to the technical advantages, and developing rapidly. So far, DTC’s industrial turbine orders are far more than competitors, more than 300 product types are widely used in coal chemical, petrochemical, steel, metallurgy, energy conservation, environmental protection (waste, biomass), solar-thermal power station, and other fields. Impulse and reaction type technology go hand in hand, and has a complete set of professional technical teams, per capita output value reached record high.

    Based on the fourth-generation flow design platform, DTC improves the economy of small reheat units to a new level. The total number of small reheat units in the whole series is more than 60, realizing the serialization of 25-150MW units, which can meet various personalized needs of owners. At the same time, DTC has more than 50% market share in the solar-thermal power generation turbine, and successively developed more than 40 kinds of products in waste-to-energy field, forming a complete product series. With strong technical strength, reliable quality assurance, a large number of operating units’ reference, DTC is leading in the waste-to-energy high-end market, becoming synonymous of highly efficient waste-to-energy filed. As the manufacturer with the largest references of industrial turbine units and the largest number of turbine types in China, DTC keeps forging ahead on the road of research and development, accelerates the upgrading of products, and provides customers with ultra-efficient customized products, which has become a key weapon to lead the market. DTC’s industrial business, just like a runner, strives to advance towards the first-class goal!

    Expand the modern service business
    In recent years, with China’s macroeconomic regulation and control means to steadily push forward the power industry structure adjustment and transformation of energy conservation, power enterprises are encouraged to develop new energy, the deep load changing of thermal power, comprehensive energy use, which brings a profound influence to newly constructed energy projects and modernization of aged power plants, consequently power station service industry ushered in the rapid development of the “Indian summer”. Based on the big picture, taken a long-term perspective, adhered to the determination of bigger and stronger service industry, DTC adjusts deeply of the organization, complies with the demand of industry development, transformed gradually from the traditional manufacturing industry to the modern manufacturing service enterprise, put forward the “4S” service concept (Sale, Service, Solution, Satisfaction), set up “customer service manager” centered service system, established the business mode of “4S” branch office, carries out “full life-cycle services”, constantly fill in the gaps in services, and expand high-end and long-term services in nuclear power and gas turbine services. Relying on the core capability of equipment research and development, DTC extends to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, expands equipment integration, engineering services, etc., and continues to transform into comprehensive solution business, which promotes the rapid development of the industry.

    In November 2017, DTC Inner Mongolia 4S Service Branch Office was established, which is the second service base after Xinjiang 4S branch office. It has taken a firm step towards exploring and practicing regional 4S service concept. In 2018, DTC comprehensively promoted the customer service manager mode. The DTC’s new orders of service industry increased by 14 times in the 13 years after the earthquake, which has become a growing and key industry to promote the sustainable and stable development of DTC after the earthquake.
    Breakthroughs were made in the new energy and new materials industries
    In the new material industry, DTC has been accelerating the pace of development in recent years and increasing its market development efforts. According to customer requirements and market changes, the research and development has been accelerated of epoxy, sizing for wind power, casting materials and other products, the transformation also has been accelerated of new technological innovation achievements into products, forming multi-point breakthroughs. Focusing on the goal of “building into the DEC’s new energy materials industry platform”, the company strengthened the construction of the enterprise qualification system, actively promoted the major technological breakthroughs in relevant fields, solved the constraints of key core technologies, and effectively enhanced the core competitiveness of the industry. DTC actively builds an “industry-university-research” innovation system, strengthens scientific research cooperation between universities and institutes, accelerates the pace of scientific research, shortens the development cycle, and creates high-quality products. In the past five years, DTC has applied for 3 provincial science and technology projects, 2 of which are undergoing; applied and undergoing 4 municipal science and technology projects, carried out 9 scientific research cooperation projects with universities or institutions, participated in the preparation of 3 national/industrial standards, applied for 15 invention patents and another 15 utility model patents, with respectively 4 and 15 of which are authorized.

    At the same time, DTC actively pays attention to the distributed gas energy, realizes the market layout and the implementation of demonstration projects, and has found a development road with DTC's characteristics in the new energy and new materials industry.

Written by:Zhao Baoshu
Edited by:Lin Yang
Translated and checked by: Xiong Yuanjian, Zheng Jian